The BIGGEST Vision and Creativity Killer

By Kyla Daw | The Blog


Comparison…this is a dangerous place to be because it is at this place that we leave the door wide open to be slammed by the million lies that are about to race through your mind.  Most of which that are NOT based on any actual reality.

 Proverbs 14:30 A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh, but envy makes the bones rot

3 Reasons Why Comparison is Dangerous:


1. Fast Forwarding

If I were to compare myself to someone who is doing what I want to be doing in 5 years or more I can instantly become deflated by thinking I may never get there. I must NEVER compare my Chapter 2 to another persons Chapter 20. Life is full of mishaps and mistakes but they are meant to be made, they grow and challenge who you will become in the future. The challenges of life force you to grow up and realize God is your plumb line. Not your talent, success or bank account.

Do not despise the day of small beginnings. 


2. Clone Syndrome

If I compare myself to what someone else is doing then I will, without knowing it, lose the unique DNA of what God had placed inside of me and the vision that he has called me to run with. I will then be creating a carbon copy of what he has called someone else to do and the personality He has given them. Leading me to be ineffective in God’s plan for my life.


I don’t want to be known for doing something that’s “kind of like so and so”. I want to do what God has burned on the inside of me to do.


3. Move over Picasso!


If I compare myself to someone else, then I am essentially saying to God; “Your plan for me wasn’t good enough, can I do that instead?”…Ouch. Imagine grabbing the paint brush our of Picasso or Van Gogh’s hand and “just tweaking” their masterpiece? It would never happen. So why then do you feel you have the right to show God how’s it done? His plan for your life is perfect.. a masterpiece! The moment that you get into comparing yourself with someone else, or what you are doing with what someone else is doing you are in danger of slipping into thanklessness, rebellion, pride, jealousy, self-seeking, striving and a whole bunch of other yucky things that do not represent The Heart of God.


4. Stop in the name of… Fear?


Sometimes I think we are so afraid to stand out and be unique that we would rather shrivel up and disappear into the walls. God made you to be a city of light on a hill in a dark time in history. There is so much focus in media on all the darkness in the world that people are longing for a glimmer of light. You have that inside of you in your one-of-a-kind self. Comparing yourself to others causes you to focus on what you are not rather then what you are. So you’re not a size 00 model or getting signed for the next Camp Rock, High School Sing-Along or inventing a new touch screen oven. No worries. Focus on what you are doing. The things that you may think are insignificant or the things that your to afraid to pursue and dive head first into may be exactly what the people around you are needing. Your thinking “who would ever want to come to a miss-matched sock party?”, meanwhile some poor Sally at your work is thinking “man!…I have so many socks that don’t match! How will I ever show my face in public!?”. That’s just a silly example but for reals, you could be the unique, amazing, original light that points someone to Christ inside of you. Don’t hide that away. Besides, if I see one more status about Bieber I may unfriend somebody… A status on your pet mandarin orange however just may make my year.



1. Has someone said something to you lately flippantly that you let take root in your heart, causing comparison in your life?  Repent to God and GET IT OUTTA THERE! It’s gross and will steal every bit of the perfect will for your life that God has.


2. Don’t get caught up in the challenge of right now. Challenges are a part of life, they are the ebbs and flows that drive us to the heart of God. In our challenges we gain insight, wisdom, experience and a deeper revelation of God.  If we allow our perception to be skewed in the midst of it we may quit before the breakthrough.


3. YOU ARE AWESOME. There is no one on the planet like you. There is no one that God has assigned to do what you will do. There is no one that God has put on this earth to reach who He desires you to reach.


You are part of a bigger picture. It wouldn’t make sense if a body had two right hands. The two hands are different because together they complete a greater function.


The Word of God must be your foundation. There’s a million voices out there but The Word of God is a solid peace and reality in the midst of an unrealistic world.

Every time I’m feeling super stressed or like I’ve gotten caught up in comparing, I open up the word and it’s like a breath of fresh air.

So Today – Run with what God has called YOU to do. Be who He has called YOU to be. You will not be disappointed.


Pray that God would show you where you have allowed comparison kill your vision. And move forward with everything you’ve got.

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