Why I Know Revival Is Near

By Kyla Daw | The Blog

We are there and this is that. If you look back to the pattern that God has set from the beginning of time, you will see that God is setting the stage. He is awakening a remnant of chosen ones – in the midst of cultural chaos – who have fixed their eyes on Jesus and have decided in their hearts that no matter what, they will not forsake God’s way.

Generation’s pass and the hearts of men begin to grow wicked.

From Genesis to Revelation and into current history, we see the same story over and over again. Generation’s pass and the hearts of men begin to grow wicked. They turn away from God, worship other idols and do what is right in their own eyes. They turn to sin and call it liberation because there has been no plumb line. Everyone has their own standard and if anyone dares to hold fast to a set standard they are considered intolerant.

The church has fallen into bondage just like the world because the standard has been dropped and false doctrine of grace has been lifted high. Instead of sin being held to the standard of God’s Word it is now held to the standard of cultural acceptance to fit the lusts of our flesh. I thank God for churches that are rising up and speaking an uncompromising gospel message.  I could and almost wrote specific situations that are taking place right now in our nation that literally make my blood boil. But I will refrain, for now, until my thoughts are more processed on them. After all, revival must first take place in the church in order to impact the world.


Scriptures are now interpreted through the filter of man’s sin, instead of man taking himself before the mirror of God’s word and readily accepting it as truth. We have decided that we are smarter than God and that He needs help explaining what He really meant.

But there’s good news.

God is again calling out to those that will be a remnant. He is calling out to the ones who will not drop the standard. He is calling out to the ones that are not conforming the Word to their lives but they are molding their lives to the Word of God – which is where true liberation begins.

It’s time. This is why I know revival is near. We are at that marked point again in history. Man has lost it’s way and a remnant has awakened to point the way back home.  Do it again, God.



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