I’m Christian, NO Buts.

By Kyla Daw | SHIFT TV

Please know that I as have made these statements in this video it was in no way from a place of arrogance. I know more than anyone that I am not perfect. And that the only reason I can boldly say that I firmly believe the things I do is because of the blood of Jesus Christ. Because of the Cross that He so humbly took on. I know that I am but dirt and that through his death and resurrection – and only that – I have access to every benefit of the Kingdom.

As believers we are called to be the answer. However right now the church seems to be caught up in the middle of an identity crisis and it’s no wonder. Statistically only 3% of Christians read and study the bible daily. And what that has translated into is a generation of “cultural christians” who have traded the genuine truth of God for a lie – a false doctrine. Should we be really surprised though? The scriptures themselves said that this would happen. That there would be doctrines of demons and that even the elect would be deceived.

I believe that as we witness this clash of culture and bible that it’s time for a shift. It’s time to see the foundations of a supernatural gospel to come forth again. It’s time to trade in the form of godliness with it’s denied power for everything that Christ has made available to us. In Jesus name.


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