“Are You In?”

By Kyla Daw | SHIFT TV

Our excuses or what we see as excuses can be one of the biggest hindrances that hold us back.

Today I want to talk about a man named Moses. Moses gave some pretty weak excuses, none of which God allowed him to get away with.

Excuse Number 1:

I’m not experienced enough. God said to him (and of course I will paraphrase) “Don’t worry, I’ll put the words in your mouth.”

Excuse Number 2:

I have a st-st-stutter. Moses had this issue that when he would stand up in front of people he would get nervous stutter and feel foolish. This filled him with insecurity.

God’s response? “Did I not make your tongue? Don’t worry, I’ll help them understand what you say.”

Excuse Number 3:

But I have a past. This is one that I think most of us can relate to. Moses was a murderer and he had a real temper. This was something that obviously filled him guilt and shame. Enough to say to God “Please pick someone else.”

Have you been there? Have you had something that you thought disqualified you to move forward? I bet even as you read that something pops into your mind right now.

You know what? Our biggest excuse is God’s greatest opportunity to stand by our side.

Excuses can be crippling sometimes. Especially if we tells ourselves them long enough, we begin to believe them. They’ve been around a long time, in fact Moses was excellent at giving excuses. Thankfully God never let him get away with it and he won’t let us either.

Scripture references found in Exodus Chapter 3 and 4.

God is calling a generation to rise up and break all limitations – beginning with our minds.

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