My life growing up was fairly normal ­ I was raised by two loving parents who never stopped
passing on wholesome values to my sister & I, which I will always be grateful for. I had grown up
in the church my whole life and my family had always been very much involved in the Anglican
Church in my hometown. Between singing in the choir on Sunday mornings, running the coffee
hour after service, and helping out in Sunday School, I was the definition of the typical “church
kid.” That was normal for me and what I thought it was to be a Christian quite honestly.

But when I was 16, my highschool boyfriend took me to his church that was Wesleyan and it
was completely different than what I was used to. People had their hands lifted to God, they
were singing with excitement in praise & worship, and it was full of youth who loved being at
church! It was such a shock to me. I ended up loving it, and decided to join their youth group. I
learned and grew so much in The Lord those couple of years, I thought I had finally come to an
understanding of what being a Christian was all about.


In 2009, a friend from the Wesleyan church told me about this new church in Kingston she had
discovered and was really excited about called Third Day Worship Centre, so she wanted to
bring me along. The first Sunday night I was there, when I walked in, it seemed more like a giant
party going on than a church service. Between the people speaking in tongues and the Pastor
going through the aisles to pray over people, all I wanted to do was run out the door. And that’s
pretty much what I did.

That same year I started to drift away from the church and became involved in a relationship I should’ve never been in, which completely took control of my life.

That same year I started to drift away from the church and became involved in a relationship I
should’ve never been in, which completely took control of my life. I ended up losing my identity
and faith in God in the process. After 4 years we were living together, going out every night,
drinking, smoking, hanging out people who were into drugs, and it just kept going downhill from

In summer of 2013, I got to the lowest point of my life. We had moved out to St Andrews, NB
and the drinking and being out every night didn’t cut it anymore, and no matter who I had around
me, I felt completely alone and empty inside. I was really starting to feel like I needed to visit my
home in Kingston and knew that something had to change. So my friend and I journeyed home,
and while I was there decided to go to a service at Third Day to visit a couple people I knew
there. Turns out God had much more in store for me than I thought at that service than just a
quick visit..


I just remember feeling like I had to go up to the altar call and didn’t even know exactly why, but
before I could think about it, I was already up there. And then a couple of the Pastors at that
time came up beside me and asked me if I was ready to give my life to Jesus, I told them I was
scared, and I remember them saying, “Life is a lot more scary without Jesus in it” and right there
I made a decision to rededicate my life to The Lord, and I cannot even explain the amount of
peace that flooded me. It was overwhelming. I am still so eternally grateful for that day.

Before I knew it, I had moved back home to Kingston, was blessed with a new job, and was
given the opportunity to move into the Esther house, a program run by the Pastors of Third Day
that has shaped me into the woman of God I am today and has led me into the destiny God has
set before me. And part of that destiny has been marrying a wonderful man of God who has been a living testimony in my life and who I am continually inspired by, thankful for, and will always unconditionally love. It’s just amazing seeing what God can do in your life and the freedom you gain if you just make the decision to finally give up holding onto that control that is so easy to grip. Full surrender to Him was the best choice I ever made and the only hope there is in this life.



For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline. 2 Timothy 1:7


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