I was the youngest in my family with two older siblings. I grew up in a divorced home and never really had a proper father. My mom raised us to the best of her ability, but we didn’t always meet eye to eye. She tried the best she could to bring me to church but as I got older I wanted to do my own thing. I thought I didn’t need help and I could do it all on my own. Growing up my brother and I would constantly fight to the point where knives, bats, and hockey sticks were used.  It was an ongoing occurrence.

At a young age I was charged with assault with weapon and was sentenced to some time in a detention centre then a short time in a foster care.

At a young age I was charged with assault with weapon. I was sentenced to a detention centre as well as a short time in foster care. When I got home things didn’t get better. I had started high school and quickly got into drugs. By the age of 15 I was smoking pot daily, being suspended multiple times from schools and was beginning to experiment into more heavy drugs. I would sell various drugs, from marijuana and ecstasy at different times. During these years I had been in and out of psychiatric facilities because of the state my mind would go into from excessive drug use.

I had tried many drugs in this time but cocaine and ecstasy became my regular drug on top of mixing with alcohol. I felt I turned to drugs to cope with and numb the pain of different things that had happened in my life. It was a vice I could easily turn to.

I was out of control, going from couch to couch and landing on the streets. One drink was never enough, I would be the guy to drink a bottle or do 10 pills in a night.

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I was living in a garage with my dog before my last visit in the hospital. It took me a very long time to recover and I was told I was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. It was so severe that I thought people were after me trying to kill me and my family. I would barricade my room at night for fear of death or stay up all night to stay watch. I was told I was going need medicine and if they felt the pills prescribed we’re not working, I was going to be transferred to a more permanent hospital.

For whatever reason, through all of this I went into the care of my mother. During this time I had met a girl, we had gotten into a relationship and she soon got pregnant. I was so happy – that’s what I always wanted. We picked out names for both baby boys and girls, but she decided to get an abortion. I felt I failed. I was fed up and had enough

On February 5 I had accepted and wanted to follow Jesus. I wanted to start this new life I had heard so much about while growing up from my mom and sister.

Through this walk, my relationships with family have been restored. Their has been ups and downs but I can say that I am seeing God remove the layers of hurt and pain. It’s a forward motion that has begun and I no longer feel like I’m going in circles.

During my walk I have seen and tasted miracles in my own life and in others . One of the biggest miracles of healing in my life has been over my mind.

I felt God saying “Just trust me and rely on me and I will sustain you.”

It’s now been almost one full year since I have taken any form of medication (2015-2016). I feel my mind is more clear and sane. More than ever I can say, in all honesty, that God has healed my drug addictions and I am now living sober. I no longer smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol or do drugs!

During this walk with Christ I have learned to forgive others as we’ll as forgive myself in areas that God has showed me. No I am not perfect, but I continue to walk in the way of being a light as Christ would want, by taking up my cross.

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I have enrolled into bible school and am thriving to receive Gods fullness for my life and achieve the destiny He has planned for me.  I am actively involved with variety of mission trips through our local church from Chissasipi to Guatemala. I am so thankful to be serving where ever needed.11402431_10153542815580329_4014630355042223836_o

I am part of Third Day Worship Centre as a member actively serving in a variety of areas. I am seeking Jesus to gain a closer relationship. I am now a Christian and living with the joy of the Lord. What God has done in my life is a miracle and I am truly thankful, for I once was in the dark but now I am in the light. (1 Peter 2:9). I am excited for what is to unfold in the days to come. I have started the race and now it’s time to keep running until the end.  12622279_1641010456163440_4148663894170205083_o

In Isaiah 58:12 it says we are to be repairers and rebuilders. Now, that may look different for each of us. I feel God wants us to repair and rebuild one another. If it wasn’t for people pouring into me I may have never been rebuilt or repaired.  It may look like what your doing isn’t working but God has His perfect timing, you just need to trust Him and He will continue to repair and rebuild.12604917_669526103184295_790340104435810461_o


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