Growing up I have always had a relationship with God, however, it was more about what God could do for me not what I could do for God. I would call on Him in times of trouble but I didn’t have a passion to seek Him.

I witnessed my husband being saved a couple years ago and the change that he went through was so drastic it really had an effect on me. I started thinking about what I really knew about Jesus, and realized it wasn’t very much, I really didn’t know Him at all! All my life I knew ABOUT Jesus but I never KNEW Jesus, I never had a personal relationship with Him.


Courtney and her husband, Lee. You can read Lee’s story here at

A major transformation took place in our lives last year. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for a few years now. Last year I had a HUGE calling to do a mission trip. I kept putting it off, thinking I don’t want to be travelling if I become pregnant. I had all these fears but I KNEW God was telling me to go. I remained putting it off hoping that if I ignored God He would just let me be. But the calling was so strong. In March 2014 my husband and I suffered from an ectopic pregnancy which ended in a miscarriage putting us in a circumstance that forced us to abstain from trying for a baby for at least three months! It was an extremely difficult time for us but it really brought us closer together and closer to God. I truly believe it was God saying “okay you’re not going to listen to me I will MAKE you listen to me”. I knew He wanted us to go on a mission trip, so we started praying asking God where He wanted us to go. We ended up going to Jamaica and it changed our lives.

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Let me briefly go back to 2012 when my husband and I bought our dream home, it was literally our dream home! I said “this is it, this is where we will grow old together, where we will start a family, our forever home”…God had different plans. The week after coming back from Jamaica we put our dream home up for sale and move into an apartment to be able to freely do mission work whenever God called us. It was one of the easiest, biggest and best decisions we have ever made!

FB_IMG_1456435354851If you were to ask me if I would have ever moved from that house a couple years ago I would have said NO WAY. God softened my heart and truly showed me that He knows best. Since then we have just pressed in deeper to God. As times goes on I fall more deeply in love with Jesus and all He did for us! I have learned to trust God completely and my life is so full of joy no matter what the circumstances are!

“God softened my heart and truly showed me that He knows best.”

Even when we think of something as a struggle or something that is negative God makes it beautiful. We must trust Him with our lives and go where He calls us, it will always be a better place than we could have ever imagined!



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