Through the years I have grown up living a very typical “Christian” lifestyle. I went to a Catholic elementary and high school, had First Communion and Confirmation but like many others that was about the extent of my Christian life.

I am a musician and I was the vocalist and lead lyricist for a local rock band a few years ago. Like many other rock bands, the lyrics were dark, provocative and full of hate. One day I had a conversation with a Christian co-worker that turned my world upside down.

One day I had a conversation with a Christian co-worker that turned my world upside down.

I began to realize that the lyrics in our music could cause effects on our listeners and could potentially have some repercussions on me as well.

BoysLee on a missions trip in Jamaica.

Shortly after, our band changed our name, scrapped our songs and started working on new material. I now have a goal to make the world a better place through our lyrics by singing praises to God, teaching our listeners or simply hog people’s ears from other unrighteous musical content in the world.

Our musical style is still heavy but being a hard rock band, I feel as if our music can reach those who might be exposed to darker and sinister lyrical content. Now, realizing the effects I have on people around me, I want to set a good example in my life so others will look to Jesus as I now do.


Lee and his wife, Courtney purchased their dream home in 2012. After arriving home from their missions trip in Jamaica, God spoke to them about selling their home and moving to a smaller apartment so they were able to freely do mission work whenever God called them. They sold the house and have not looked back!

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Lead Vocal in Charm the Animal

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