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By Kyla Daw | #collaboration, The Blog

Can I share something with you?

There is something inside of every one of us that desires to make an impact. Some people find it so easy. Others wander around going from job to job hoping that one day they will finally find it. Some people have an idea but have no idea how to describe it or where to start.

I put together a list (that I will continue to add to) of ideas that I feel have great potential for making an impact in community and beyond. Some of these ideas as well as providing a great service or need, they could also function as a great business, others are passion projects that would be SO, SO awesome. If their were ten of me I would do them all, BUT since there isn’t, I would just love to see someone grab them and run with it.

I put this list together, not so that you could think “Hey that’s kind of a cool idea, I’ll try it.” But because my hope is that it would spark something in you that says “HEY! That’s IT!”

So, Here goes!

1. New Mom’s Aid

It’s kind of like a maid service but with a specific niche – Mommies. Having a new baby can be overwhelming! I remember when we brought our first son home, he did not sleep well for three days. I was raw emotionally. And for the first few months sleep was scarce while we learned each others routine. For my last two pregnancies I had midwives. I loved how they came into your home and took care of you and baby just after delivery, no going down to a doctors office especially with other kids to tend to, but something I always wished was that they would care for you longer than six weeks!  Some people don’t have extra help, maybe their family is far away and they don’t have a support system of family and friends close by. The last thing you want to do is prepare meals and do laundry – it’s hard enough to find time to brush your teeth! How cool would it be to set up a structure that offers a service where someone can come in, cook some meals, do some laundry, tidy up and get groceries? I can see it being set up where it would be a website that people would sign up for a service (you could offer it in package levels depending on what services people needed). Depending on where you are there may be some certifications that you may need as well as a background check. You could also maybe work toward getting some non-profit funding or sponsorship structures set up to help with startup costs.

Start up costs would include:

  • Website/Hosting
  • Vehicle
  • Cell Phone
  • Optional Office Space

2. Elderly Companions

There is such a great need for this and it can be structured in so many ways. Some elderly still live in their homes but aren’t very mobile, so they would benefit from having someone do their day to day chores, errands etc. Also, it’s unfortunate that many of them get forgotten from their loved ones so they crave connection with a friend.

Other elderly live in homes and still desire connection. The great thing is in a home you can offer group sessions for example coming in and teaching basic computer use including social media so they can keep up with loved ones. You can host music events, art events, game events, craft events and more. It’s really endless.

Another idea with this would be to volunteer on a palliative floor of a hospital singing or reading to patients.

For this again, you would possibly need or benefit from having a certification and a background check.

3. Blogging/Vlogging

Do you have a message burning in your heart? Then get a website going and build an online community about it, find a way to make it into a unique niche and run with it. Set up a channel on Youtube and dive in. There are people who were wired with a personality that MUST share a message with the world. They are passionate about communication and setting a spark in others. If that’s you then this type of thing would make you come alive.

A niche topic that would be cool for blogging/vlogging leads me to my next idea:

4. “Welcome”

What ever happened to the welcome wagon? Is that still a thing? In my city there used to be a company that would send you a basket when you were new in town or new in a neighbourhood. What a great initiative it would be to start doing that again.

5. “Mission Media”

There are a ton of organizations that go into Third World countries and held build schools, wells, housing etc. But what about going in and training the next generation in media – Web, Graphics, Video, social media? With the way technology is going, what a gift that would be. What if you sent someone to the Philippines that knew how to do web design, sat down with their ministry and built them a website. It would change their world.

These are some of the ideas that have come to me. They are ideas that I would love to see someone put into action.

*I will update the list as more come to me.


**I do not believe that these are ideas that you can just “try”. Many if not all of them involve big commitment if they are going to take off. Some even involve an area of skill or will require some technical training. Think about it before you jump in. Contact us if you have questions about them or would like to have someone to bounce ideas off of and sift through it. 

Comment below if you have any other ideas! We’d love to hear.

Get in touch with us too if something has sparked you and you need help going from here.

We have begun a new thing here at Shift Canada called #collaboration. It’s a community of people that come together to work on their passion projects. Whether it’s a business, a cause, a website, a book,  a ministry or more. It’s a place where you can be encouraged and know that you are not alone. You will be able to get in touch with us here at Shift and work one-on-one through your launching process. Hopefully we can provide some ridiculously useful resources that will get you where you need to go.

If that’s something you need email us today!

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